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General Questions

We accept paper photographs, slides, photo negatives, video cassettes, reel-to-reel film, audio cassettes, vinyl records, and paper documents.
You can bring them to our office, which is conveniently located near downtown Tucson. If you have a high volume order, Modern Reflections will come pick it up free of charge.
Orders of $500 or more we will pick up and deliver free of charge.
Yes. We will return your original media in the same condition as we received it.
No. We will always return your original media to you. What you do with it after that is up to you!
Digital media can be stored on CDs, DVDs, flash drives, or external hard drives depending upon size of project, media format, and your preference.
For liability reasons, we cannot use your personal drives to deliver your digital files. We apologize for any inconvenience.
We take cash, personal checks, and credit/debit cards.
Most of our services are performed in-house at our downtown Tucson office.
Yes. We treat your priceless treasures as if they were our own. We store them in watertight containers and handle them with white, lint-free gloves. We take pride in keeping our facility clean and secure.
The amount of time it takes to complete a project depends on how much material you ask us to process. Please give us a call and we can give you an estimate based on the size of your project.
With your permission, Modern Reflections will keep a copy of your project for 6 months after the completion date. For an additional fee, we can store your project for longer.
Yes. Additional copies are available for 6 months after your original order or longer for an additional fee.
Yes. The DVDs we provide are compatible with a majority of DVD players. If you encounter playback issues, other formats are available.
We generally cannot digitize copyrighted materials. Please refer to our copyright policy here. (Link)
Please refer to our liability policy here. (Link)
Please view our gallery here.
Feel free to contact us by email at info@modernreflections.com or call us at (520) 884-7226.


Photo, Slide, & Negative Questions

We accept all paper photos up to 11×14 inches. This includes non-rectangular photos.

We accept all slide formats – mounted or unmounted.

We accept all formats of negatives.

Our default image file format is .jpg. Other formats are available upon request.
Yes. Rates for scanning these photos may differ because of the increased labor time. Please see our pricing page here (link) for reference.
Our flatbed scanners allow us to scan images on the pages of your album. Glued photos do not need to be removed. This prevents damage to your photos.
Modern Reflections can recommend ways to organize your photos before scanning. It is generally easier to organize your project before scanning than after.
We have professional techniques for cleaning and preparing your photos for scanning. You don’t need to clean them before bringing them to us.
Curled or bent photos are not an issue. Our flatbed scanner allows us to carefully scan these images individually.
No. We can scan as many or as few photos as you would like.
Please check to see if the photographer holds the rights to your professional photos. Please refer to our copyright policy here. (link)
We prefer to scan photos at 600 DPI and slides or negatives at 4000 DPI. Other resolutions are available upon request.

Resolution affects image quality. This is especially true when reprinting in a larger format than the original. The higher the image resolution, the larger a print you can make while minimizing loss of quality from the original photo.

For a more in-depth explanation, please refer to this useful off-site guide here. (link) (http://www.photoshopessentials.com/essentials/image-quality/)

With our highest scanning resolution, you can print up to 3x the original size of the photo while maintaining the original image quality. If you intend to make larger prints of your photos, please request a higher scanning resolution.
Yes, upon request. If your photos are organized when we receive them, we can maintain that organization as we scan them. This can be arranged when you come in to deliver your photos.


Photo Restoration Questions

All scans include basic color correction, dust removal, cropping, and rotation.

For individual photos, repairs for discoloration, scratches, tears, bends, folds, or water damage are available.

We will only work with the digital scans. You can then print the restored digital image if you want a physical copy.
We will do our best. Severely discolored photos cannot always be completely restored, but they can usually be significantly improved.
There is no project that we won’t attempt. Please bring your severely damaged photos in and we will see what solutions might be available for you.
Maybe. Please come in to consult with our technicians and we’ll see if colorization is an option for your photos.
Yes. The success of additions and removals depends on the image in question. For additions, you must provide a second image of the person or object to be added. Please plan to consult with one of our technicians if you wish to request this service.

Please refer to our pricing page here. (link)

Each photo is different, so restoration is charged by the hour. If you bring in your damaged photos, we will take a look at them and give you our best estimate on how much it will cost to restore them.


Audio Questions

We accept cassettes, micro cassettes, vinyl records, 8-tracks, and more. If you have another format, we would be happy to consult with you about it.
Our default audio format is .mp3. Other formats are available upon request.


Video & Film Questions

Video: We accept VHS, beta, VHS-C, miniDV, HI8, and Video8.

Film: We accept 8mm, Super8, and 16mm film.

We will convert your videos to .mov, which is compatible with both PC and Mac. Other formats are available upon request.
Please refer to our gallery here. (link)
Yes. We can do it for you or teach you how to do it yourself.
A DVD holds about 2 hours of footage.
Some film is double wide and double-exposed.
We understand that this may happen accidentally. If there are more than 3 blank tapes in your project, any subsequent blank tapes will be charged.
Editing can be done. However, there is a limit to how much will fit on a single DVD.
The quality of the digitized product will be at least as good as the original. Some media formats will be improved.
No. You are free to share and make copies for friends and family. We also offer additional copies at a low price.
Our default for DVDs is autoplay, but customized menus are available upon request.
Yes. The files we give you are uploadable. However, different social media websites may have limitations on the size or length of videos you can upload. We can help if you have questions.
No. Please view our copyright policy here. (link)
As videos are processed, we allow them to run on a screen above the recording device so we can ensure recording quality and monitor completion status. However, our technicians typically work on multiple projects simultaneously and will not view the entirety of any one video. We are dedicated to protecting your privacy and your videos will be treated with respect.


Document Scanning Questions

We accept any paper or similarly flat items that meet our size requirements.
We accept documents of any size up to 11×17 inches.
We prefer to scan documents at 300 DPI. Other resolutions may be available upon request.
In order to process your documents we must handle them and perform checks for scan quality. However, our technicians typically work on multiple projects simultaneously and will not view the entirety of any one document. All of our technicians have been subjected to criminal background checks and drug tests to ensure your documents are in safe hands. We are dedicated to protecting your privacy. Your documents will be treated with discretion and respect.
Yes, upon request. If your documents are organized when we receive them, we can maintain that organization as we scan them. This can be arranged when you come in to deliver your documents.

We will keep a copy of your documents for 6 months after the project completion date. You can pay an additional fee if you would like us to keep them longer than 6 months.

If your documents are confidential, you can request that we do not keep a record of your project after completion. Choosing this option means that we cannot provide you with additional copies or backup in the event that your digital files are damaged or lost.


Slideshow Questions

Our default file format for slideshows is .mov. Other file formats are available upon request.
Slideshows are a great way to showcase a family trip or celebrate a momentous life event. We offer consultations to help you plan your slideshow. Our technicians can assist you in selecting photos or videos, putting them in order, selecting audio, and choosing transitions and other visual effects.
It can be as long or as short as you want, but most slideshows are 15-20 minutes long.
We recommend that each photo appear on the screen for 5-7 seconds, depending on the intended audience for the slideshow and the visual complexity of the photo. Five seconds per photo is a good estimate.Don’t forget that the time a photo is on-screen must include the time for transitions between photos.
Transitions are the animations between still images in a slideshow. The most common transitions are fade in and fade out, but many other options are available as well.
Yes. Landscape orientation photos are better for slideshows because most display screens are wider than they are tall. You can use portrait orientation photos, but they will appear smaller in order to fit on the screen and they will have large empty margins on either side. That said, there are plenty of creative ways to include portrait orientation photos in your slideshow if that’s what you want to do.
Your slideshow should have a theme or tell a story. Once you decide what you are trying to communicate with your slideshow a general order should become apparent. For example, if you are celebrating a coworker’s retirement, you might use photos that progress through his or her time with the company chronologically. Our technicians can help you decide on a good order for your photos if you request assistance.

We offer a wide selection of royalty-free music for you to choose from.

Modern Reflections cannot provide licensed music for your slideshows because doing so would violate copyright laws. You may, however, bring in your own original albums – not home-burned CDs – by professional recording artists if there are specific songs you would like to include in your slideshow. If you do not already own physical copies of the songs you wish to include, we can purchase them for you. If you choose this option, the cost of the music will be added to the total cost of your Modern Reflections order and upon project completion you will receive the music CD we purchased for you.

Please refer to our copyright policy here (link) for further information.